Clearing Away the Clouds: Nine Lessons from the Martial Arts

by Stephen Fabian Sensei

ISBN 0-8348-0468-9
159 pages

Clearing Away Clouds brings Dr. Fabian's excellent background in anthropology and Japanese culture to bear on over two decades of training in Japanese and Korean martial arts and ways. The result is an interesting autobiography that also details nine lessons for self-mastery in daily life and the martial arts.

The book is divided into nine chapters, one for each of the "Nine Lessons for Life" that are the subject of this obviously sincere work. Mr. Fabian's precepts for both martial artists and the average person are:


  1. Embrace a Way
  2. Accept Responsibility for Your Actions
  3. Control the Breath
  4. Focus
  5. Develop Self-discipline
  6. Train Hard, Seeking Aesthetic Refinement
  7. Be Patient and Flow
  8. Persevere
  9. Cultivate the Mind of No Mind

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About the Author: Stephen Fabian Sensei is Shibu-cho or Head of the USA Branch of the Hontai Yoshin Ryu, and is a Division Director in the SMAA Traditional Jujutsu Division. His current SMAA title/rank is jujutsu Shihan/seventh dan.

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