Persimmon Wind: A Martial Artist's Journey in Japan

by Dave Lowry Sensei

Charles E. Tuttle Co., Inc.
ISBN 0-89750-116-0
274 pages

Several years ago, in Autumn Lightning, Dave Lowry wrote of his experiences growing up as a young American whom had been informally "adopted" into the family of a Japanese martial arts teacher. It was a fascinating, semi-biographical account that delved into the nature of the Japanese martial arts experience. Now, a number of years later, he has returned with a sequel called Persimmon Wind--A Martial Artist's Journey in Japan. In Persimmon Wind, Mr. Lowry details his first visit to Japan to reunite with his teacher of Japanese swordsmanship. Lovers of fine biographies, martial arts enthusiasts, folks interested in Japanese culture--all will enjoy Persimmon Wind.

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About the Author: Mr. Dave Lowry has a degree in English, and works as a professional writer. He has authored numerous books, including "Sword and Brush" (Shambhala); his monthly columns appear in several martial arts magazines, and he is the restaurant critic for "St. Louis Magazine."

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