Moving Toward Stillness

by Dave Lowry Sensei

Charles E Tuttle Co.
ISBN 0-8048-3160-2
176 pages

Moving Toward Stillness is a collection based upon Dave Lowry's magazine articles over the last ten years or so, particularly from his highly regarded column in Black Belt magazine. Written from a nearly Japanese viewpoint, it offers an entertaining and informative view of the martial arts. Subjects explored include entering the martial Way, making the pursuance of traditional Asian martial arts a part of contemporary Western life, the paradoxes and conflicts such a path eventually generates, how to adjust to the mindset necessary for authentic mastery of a foreign art, and more.

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About the Author: Mr. Dave Lowry has a degree in English, and works as a professional writer. He has authored numerous books, including "Sword and Brush" (Shambhala); his monthly columns appear in several martial arts magazines, and he is the restaurant critic for "St. Louis Magazine."

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