H. E. Davey Sensei

H. E. Davey SenseiH. E. Davey Sensei is one of the founding members of the SMAA. He is one of three SMAA Primary Directors and the editor of the SMAA Journal.

Davey Sensei's involvement in Japanese cultural arts started during childhood. He began studying Saigo Ryu martial arts at age five under his late father, who trained in Japan and the USA, and who held instructor certification from more than one Japanese martial arts association. Saigo Ryu features a variety of throwing, pinning, and grappling techniques stemming from older methods originating in the Aizu-Wakamatsu area of Japan. It is a sogo bujutsu, an "integrated martial system," and it also features advanced training with the sword, spear, staff, short stick, iron fan, and other weapons.

In elementary school, Davey Sensei began practicing judo, and later, aikido. Mr. Davey has also studied the martial arts extensively in both the U.S. and Japan.

Mr. Davey is a Division Director for the SMAA Traditional Jujutsu Division. His current SMAA title/rank is jujutsu Shihan/eighth dan. Davey Sensei is also the highest ranking U.S.-based member of the Kokusai Budoin's Nihon Jujutsu and Kobudo Divisions. He has received a seventh dan and the traditional title/rank of Kyoshi from the Kokusai Budoin, a worldwide martial arts federation sponsored by Japan's Imperial Family. (Kokusai Budoin defines Kyoshi as the equivalent to a "Master's Certificate" and equal to modern ranks of sixth- to eighth-degree black belt.)

Moreover, Davey Sensei has received  instruction in Shin-shin-toitsu-do, a form of Japanese yoga founded by Nakamura Tempu Sensei in 1919 (http://nakamuratempu.blogspot.com/). He has practiced under four of Nakamura Sensei's senior disciples and is currently the sole American member of the Tempu Society, an organization founded by the late Nakamura Sensei. His training in Shin-shin-toitsu-do, or "The Way of Mind and Body Unification," has taken place in Japan and the USA. He has received the highest level of teaching certification from the Wakuwaku Honshin Juku in Osaka, an organization devoted to exploring Japanese forms of meditation, with an emphasis on Nakamura Sensei's Japanese yoga.

Mr. Davey has also received instruction in Nakamura Sensei's methods of bodywork and healing with ki ("life energy"), which he teaches as well (http://japanesehealing.blogspot.com/). Davey Sensei's emphasis is on yuki, or the "transference of ki," as a way of aiding recovery from illness or injury.

Davey Sensei studied shodo, Japanese brush writing and ink painting, under the late Kobara Ranseki Sensei of Kyoto. Kobara Sensei, the founder of the Ranseki Sho Juku system of shodo, was also the Vice President of the Kokusai Shodo Bunka Koryu Kyokai, an international shodo association headquartered in Urayasu, Japan. Mr. Davey holds the highest rank in Ranseki Sho Juku Shodo and exhibits his artwork annually in Japan (http://www.facebook.com/ArtOfShodo). He has received numerous awards in these international exhibitions, including Jun Taisho, or the "Associate Grand Prize."

Davey Sensei's articles on Japanese cultural arts, and his Japanese calligraphic art, have appeared in such magazines as Karate Kung-Fu Illustrated, Furyu--The Budo Journal of Classical Japanese Martial Arts and Culture, The Journal of Asian Martial Arts, Body Mind Spirit, and Yoga Journal. His artwork and writings have been printed in Japanese publications like Hokubei Mainichi, Nichibei Times, and Gendo. He is also the author of Unlocking the Secrets of Aiki-jujutsu, Brush Meditation: A Japanese Way to Mind & Body Harmony , and other works. His latest book is The Japanese Way of the Artist (http://www.facebook.com/TheJapaneseWayOfTheArtist).

H. E. Davey Sensei is the President of the Sennin Foundation, Inc. He is also the Director of the San Francisco Bay Area-based Sennin Foundation Center for Japanese Cultural Arts, which offers instruction in Japanese martial arts, yoga, healing arts, and fine arts (http://www.senninfoundation.com/ and http://www.facebook.com/SenninFoundation).

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